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Things to Understand About the Erin's Law

You cannot argue that fact that the most innocent members in the community are the children. They are defenseless, young, impressionable and also they are often not able to communicate or process the things which are happening to them. According to some studies, it has been found out that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before turning 18 years old. Well, it is quite tragic that those children with physical or those with learning disabilities and mental illnesses are nearly three times more likely to be abused sexually. These health problems can effect an increased difficulty in knowing the mental health problems like PTSD and anxiety which may be connected to the abuse.

If you haven't heard of this law yet, this Erin's Law was actually formed by Erin Merryn who was also sexually abused in her childhood. She made this to create or increase awareness of that child sexual abuse in those public schools.

With the Erin’s Law, all of the public schools should have and implement that prevention-oriented child sexual abuse program. There are many times that sexual abuse is left unreported because most people tend to fear the consequence if they allow others to know of their traumas. Child safety classes are going to be used in teaching the kids regarding how they can recognize emotional and sexual abuse in a safe way and prevent this as well as how to respond to bullying.

It is certainly the goal of the Erin’s Law to educate the children regarding the difference between the right body contact versus the wrong body contact and also safe touching as compared to unsafe touching and several others. The curriculum is going to be great for the children's age and will also be educational and will give more information on sexual abuse, where to look out for this kind of abuse and how to stop it. Read also child sex abuse lawyer to know more.

The Erin's Law is putting emphasis as well that each child is control of his or her body and it is only the child who has such ultimate decision regarding one's body. There are now several states, 36 of them, that have already enacted on the legislation requiring for the making of age-appropriate sexual abuse prevention as well as identification classes. Classes are certainly structured in order to help the parents, children and also the teachers to be able to identify or recognize sexual abuse. This type of legislation will also offer some kind of counseling, referral or other easy and safe methods for the victims of childhood sexual abuse to ensure that the class is very effective for the students. There are numerous states that have also required task forces to study the problems and offer statewide recommendations for a certain area. Also, the Erin's Law actually focuses in educating the guardians and parents about the warning signs of sexual abuse on kids and offer the needed help.

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